At BCP we are committed to providing our partners with the best products, exciting treatments and an educational platform that all works together to ensure your customers keep coming back.  But it goes beyond that; we strive to offer you unparalleled business support to ensure your business is profitable and strong!

Our Brands

We have strict criteria when selecting our brands.  Every one of our brands must meet the needs of our salons and spas and deliver results for their clients.

They must be eco friendly, cruelty free, as natural as possible and represent good value for both the professional and their clients.

Customer Service

Our Account Managers are all qualified skin and body therapists and have expert knowledge of the brands we represent. 

Our head office team shares a diverse experience from beauty therapy to clinical skin care, marketing, warehousing and accounting and are here to help you with all your needs.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for FAST SHIPPING and over 90% of all orders are dispatched on the same day.

Marketing Support

Creating your own marketing material for your salon or spa can cost you a great deal of time and money.

Not only do we offer you exciting monthly promotions for all our brands, we also include professionally designed support campaigns in the way of banners, shelf talkers, e-newsletters, images, social media graphics and more.

Many of our promotions include free gifts to help you expand your retail offering to your clients, however we also offer professional promotions that help to reduce your treatment costs and boost your profits.

We also offer generic marketing tools that you can use to promote your treatments, products and business including but not limited to image libraries, salon and spa resources, social media graphics and videos and more.

With BCP you have all the free resources and tools you need at your fingertips, allowing you to direct your time to more important issues like managing your team and working on your vision.

When you become a BCP partner you’ll receive the highest level of marketing support through our “on demand” library.  


Our unique education programme is one of the most important parts of the support offered at BCP. From over two decades of experience in the industry we know that education is paramount to your success.

We offer classes in every State of Australia and hosted by educators with encyclopedic knowledge and experience in the beauty industry.

Our classes, videoconferences and recorded podcasts are ever evolving, inspiring and relevant and will give you and your team the confidence and motivation to wow your clients.

Education on Demand

Perfecting treatments and developing a great knowledge of your products is vital to your business success and we understand the cost challenge of providing education to your team.  Consequently we’ve created the largest professional library of product knowledge and treatment instruction videos that can be watched when it suits you.  This is ideal if you want to get started with a treatment line and don’t want to wait for the next training class, if you need a refresher or you need to train a new staff member in all your treatment.  

In addition you’ll have free access to a large collection of technical manuals, presentations and educational tools to help you set up your own salon or spa educational plan.

Online Partner Programme


Salons and spas in Australia have been losing sales of professional skin care products to a rapidly growing number of unauthorized online retailers. As a result, many salons have stepped away from the sale of retail products resulting in a lost profit centre for their business.

Now, BCP is taking back retail sales for our salon and spa clients with our Online Partner Programme.

Your clients are shopping online and their numbers are growing every year - that’s a fact. Consumers tend to shop when and where it’s most convenient for them; however, they also demand assurances that what they are purchasing is both authentic and is sold at a fair price.

Our Goal?
To take back retail sales from unauthorized online resellers with one professional online shop and ensure you receive your retail margins.

Rewards Programme

The BEAUTY COLLECTIVE PRO Rewards Programme offers you points in exchange for your loyalty!

So when you purchase products for your salon or spa, you'll earn redeemable points which you can spend on future orders.