Medicalia®’s innovative peels feature natural ingredients in results-driven concentrations.

The professional Medi-Peel collection incorporates four distinct peels to address different concerns, along with Peel Prep Solution to prepare and plump the skin, Neutralising Gel and a Post-Operative CCH Mask Treatment. You will find Retinol & Hexylresorcinol Peel for advanced signs of ageing, Collagen & Vitamin ‘C’ Peel for mature skin concerns, Phytic Acid & Acto-Zyme™ Peel for oily, acne-prone skin and Zinc & Peptides Peel for acne lesions, scarring, mild eczema and psoriasis.

The peels may be used for a one-off treatment, or as part of a series for enhanced results. The doctor or specialist aesthetician can recommend Medicalia at-home products to improve the skin condition, both prior to treatment and for use on an ongoing basis.

Post Operative CCH Mask Treatment

This collagen fibre mask is by far the best natural energetic vehicle for traumatised skin after surgery. Drenched in Aloe Vera to replenish, moisturise and sooth the skin. Rich in essential polysaccharides, amino-acids, minerals and antioxidant vitamins, this soothing infusion diffuses redness and stimulates the recovery process. Highly recommended post operatively after laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, post acid peels, chemical peels or any procedure that traumatises the skin. An excellent treatment for any sensitive, hypersensitive, couperose or rosacea skin.

Benefits & Results:

  • Cooling
  • Soothing
  • Comforting
  • Hydrating
  • Renewing

Phytic Acid & Acto-Zyme™ Peel

This exfoliating formula combines a blend of various active ingredients to provide a progressive and accurate exfoliation whilst lightening the skin. Phytic Acid, natural derived from rice, blends with Glycolic and Lactic Acids to effectively smooth the skin’s texture, lighten and clarify as well as provide general anti-ageing benefits. Suitable for rough skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, post-inflammatory acne hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits & Results:

  • Lightens hyperpigmentation
  • Supports the management of oily skin
  • Smooths skin surface and pore dilation
  • Prevents and controls breakouts
  • Anti-ageing benefits

Retinol & Hexylresorcinol Peel

This is a very powerful exfoliating formula for treating advanced signs of ageing on the skin. The exfoliation contains one of the best-known ingredients for treating ageing skin; Retinol, which is a derivative of Vitamin A. This ingredient helps to increase epidermal cell activity while increasing the moisture level in the skin which results in renewing the skin. Hexylresorcinol (from rye cereal) has long been recognised for is anaesthetic properties, and recent research results have shown that these ingredients are highly effective in lightening and controlling skin pigmentation, for an even complexion. It works in synergy with Glycolic, Phytic and Lactic Acids to exfoliate and lighten the skin, making it ideal for general rejuvenation and resurfacing benefits.

Benefits & Results:

  • Anti-ageing by excellence
  • Resurfacing; ideal for photo-damage
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation
  • Increases skin density
  • Smooths skin texture, scars, and dilated pores

Zinc & Peptides Peel

This exfoliation is ideal for the treatment of acne and scars caused by acne inflammation in the skin. Zinc PCA provides moisture to the skin and regulates sebum production and has antioxidant and immune strengthening effects. It works together with Vitamin A to renew the skin, along with a complex compound to promote healthy skin recovery and cellular reproduction. The perfect treatment for acne, scars, mild eczema and psoriasis, epidermal hyperplasia, oily skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits & Results:

  • Management of acneic skin and sequelae
  • Lightening and anti-ageing
  • Smooths skin
  • Supports oily skin control
  • Controls surface and follicular bacteria
  • Reduces retention hyperkeratosis

Collagen & Vitamin ‘C’ Peel

The Collagen & Vitamin ‘C’ contains a new innovative formula that treats most signs of ageing on the skin. This peel contains Collagen Polypeptides, which increases the skin’s resistance, provides moisture and smooths lines and wrinkles. The unique form of vitamin C performs as an excellent lightening and anti-ageing active. it also stimulates collagen synthesis, neutralises free-radicals and protects the skin. It works in synergy with Glycolic, Phytic and Lactic Acids to exfoliate and lighten the skin making it ideal for effective skin rejuvenation.

Benefits & Results:

  • Anti-ageing; anti-oxidant treatment
  • Plumps and restores skin density
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation
  • Firming
  • Supports maintaining skin hydration