the new frontier of skincare

PHYTOMER goes beyond traditional cosmetics and introduces a new generation of professional treatments: more effective, more sensory and more environmentally friendly.

Scientific Innovation

Marine biotechnology for record performance.

Backed by unique biotechnological know-how, PHYTOMER’s Advanced Research team has created a new generation of extremely effective, environmentally-engaged natural marine ingredients with unprecedented performance.

Today, PHYTOMER is one of the few cosmetic companies in the world that masters marine biotechnology to produce, through high-tech and environmentally friendly methods, totally unique and natural ingredients. PHYTOMER stands out from the crowd with whole new generation of ingredients: Marine ExoPolySaccharides (EPS), unique and inimitable natural sugars with revolutionary cosmetic applications. These EPS ingredients are used to create increasingly effective and very sensorial cosmetic formulas with a reduced environmental impact.

Avant-Garde Manual Treatments

Signature techniques for a therapeutic experience

In beauty and spas, advanced technical products reserved for professionals, combined with avant-garde manual protocols offer clients a memorable experience and record performance.

The exclusive massage techniques developed by our Training Centre in partnership with key advisors (osteopath, doctors etc.) contribute to a heightened performance. They are combined with expert products specifically developed for spas and salons; and cleverly put to work in novel treatments performed by some of the best therapists around the globe.

Offer your clients a holistic experience

PHYTOMER facial and body treatments are intimately linked with well-being. Intensely relaxing and deeply holistic, they create a calming atmosphere from the first stage of the Marine Immersion. This specific care is ongoing through the relaxing massages included in all the treatments. Many PHYTOMER exclusive signature products, such as Self-Heating Marine Mud, help the client ease into a state of relaxation and prolong the treatment’s sensorial experience.

Business Results

PHYTOMER partners work with optimized treatment costs and maximum resale potential

PHYTOMER is committed to developing facial and body treatment protocols to maximize profitability. The treatment costs are calculated precisely and transparently to help spa partners manage expenses. The use of effective and concentrated products, as well as unique professional PHYTOMER expertise, enable developing ultra-effective treatments with a highly adjusted cost of materials. Retail products are developed as the home extension of the spa treatment.

They offer excellent proven effectiveness and an ideal solution to all aesthetic concerns.

Their formulas focus on sensoriality and careful attention is given to scents and textures. The range is proving very attractive to customers, which facilitates resale while gaining loyalty.

Passion for Marine Cosmetics

PHYTOMER develops pioneering marine cosmetics with a real passion to create new, very high quality, environmentally friendly products at the forefront of the latest trends.

A preference for natural cosmetics that are environmentally friendly using cutting-edge marine biotechnology enables PHYTOMER to significantly restrict the use of chemical products and the number of samples taken from the wild. The unprecedented algae cultivation programs conserve natural resources and even help to reintroduce species in danger of extinction into the wild. Moreover, in the various stages of production, PHYTOMER favors methods with limited environmental impact to preserve the rich and fragile marine ecosystems. Hence, the use of filtering gardens to treat waste water and participation in the development of green energy minimize the ecological impact.

Working with a MADE IN FRANCE family brand

For 3 generations, PHYTOMER has been creating unprecedented marine active ingredients inhouse and manufacturing these high-quality products to be distributed throughout the world.

As an independent family business, PHYTOMER is passionate about the huge potential of marine cosmetics. Firmly anchored in Brittany, France, the heart of the marine world, PHYTOMER counts nearly 200 employees at both its head office in Saint-Malo and research and production site in the world-famous bay of Mont Saint-Michel.

Choose quality and efficacy

PHYTOMER controls the entire manufacturing process of its products, from the marine ingredients derived by its own research to the creation of unique formulas and the integrated production site.

In perfect autonomy, from the raw material to the final product, PHYTOMER carries out very strict inspections at each step of the production to guarantee irreproachable quality and traceability of its products.

PHYTOMER is one of the few cosmetic companies to comply with such a level of professionalism and quality in its manufacturing processes.