Natùrys is the line of PROFESSIONAL COSMETICS created with LOVE, PASSION and PROFESSIONALISM IN ITALY, at their historic laboratories.


A complete range of treatments that develop technology and naturalness, studied and formulated with the utmost RESPECT FOR THE SKIN and the most stringent cosmetic formulation criteria.

Natùrys has always believed in quality professional cosmetics and now offers a complete high performance PROFESSIONAL range for its customers, containing rigorously organic and natural ingredients.

Its formulas are bio-certified, increasingly green, and cutting-edge, with the use of highly effective and innovative active ingredients. 

All products are designed and developed for the most demanding professionals, who pay attention to their customers’ health. They provide a concrete answer to every skin imperfection, with a specific treatment protocol.

Each product reflects our commitment to creating safe and high-quality cosmetic formulations, by adopting an eco-responsible approach that protects the planet and its biodiversity.

Natùrys has been developed to give all skin types the opportunity to nourish themselves with specific functional substances that support the skin’s activity and structure.

  • It contains extracts from organic cultivations
  • It doesn’t contain colouring substances
  • It doesn’t contain animal substances origin or derivatives
  • Without Ethoxylates (PEG and PPG)
  • Paraben free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt, Cadmium and Mercury tested
  • Made entirely in Italy


SUSTAINABILITY: A commitment to the environment.

Natùrys has made sustainability one of its founding values. In a period of continuous lack of resources and materials, choosing to use organic waste can make a huge contribution to our ecosystem. For this reason, they have decided to adopt measures that respect the natural environment, not only by taking what nature makes available, but also by giving it back as much as possible of what it has offered us.


In the production plant no harmful emissions are produced into the atmosphere during the various stages of production of cosmetic products.


All their suppliers are certified organic and use sustainable methodologies in the extraction and production phases of the materials.


The paper of Natùrys cases is obtained from a combination of fruit and nuts. By recycling it, it is possible to obtain by-products commonly used as supplements in animal husbandry, fuels for energy production or disposed of in landfills.
In the paper production phase, agro-industrial waste is purified, micronized and mixed with virgin cellulose and FSC™ certified post-consumer recycled fibres, using self-produced hydroelectric electricity.


For the containers they use recycled and easily recyclable glass and plastic (polyethylene), plus we are progressively eliminating all disposable formats and non-biodegradable supports.