advanced dermaceuticals

Developed in conjunction with DR LAURENCE RICHIER

Dr. Laurence Richier, is a respected leader of medical aesthetics based in Saint-Malo, France.

With over 20 years’ experience as a surgeon and specialising in advanced techniques such as injectables, skin peeling, photo-rejuvenation and mesotherapy.

Dr Richier worked closely with the VIE COLLECTION development team to produce the first ever line of professional dermo-cosmetic treatments that all share a priority objective: a youthful result.

Indeed VIE COLLECTION offers the salon and spa very precise, focused treatments with high performance.

It can be a supplement to the aesthetic medical treatments, but also as a pre- and / or post-intervention treatment and of course for optimal maintenance. The collection is inspired by the range of non-invasive rejuvenating interventions that I practice every day in my practice: injections of hyaluronic acid and Botox treatments of luminary Laser therapy or Led, chemical peels, mesotherapy and bio revitalization. In conjunction with Vie’s Laboratory of Research and Development we have developed these very precise and impressive protocols, using primarily the reference of active ingredients of cosmetic medicine.

The innovative facial and body beauty treatment procedures combine precision and effectiveness to help correct signs of skin aging for visible results after the very first session.

Taking inspiration from the most popular cosmetic medical procedures available, the VIE COLLECTION dermo-cosmetic treatments are a “soft approach” for clients not quite ready for medical intervention or those wishing to enhance their procedures.